Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3rd and 4th

In Elementary worship and Sunday School your children will learn about the following:

Jesus Teaches about Commitment

You can review the story in Mark 8:31-38. A great memory verse for your family this week is Romans 1:16a - "I am not ashamed of the gospel"

Questions for review with your child:

1. What other ways can you think of to show others that you're proud to follow Jesus?

2. How can you follow Jesus this week at home? With friends?

3. How does it feel to know that Jesus wants you to follow him?

4. Why do you think some people choose not to follow Jesus? What can you tell those people?

5. Why do you think Jesus wants us to be proud to follow him?

6. Who is proud of you at home? At school?



In Worship and Wonder at 11:00 am on Sunday, the kindergarten class will be studying the following:

The Most Important Commandment

Verse for this lesson is Mark 12:28-34

Questions to wonder about with your child:

1. I wonder how Jesus feels when the people in Jerusalem wonder who he is?

2. I wonder how the people in Jerusalem feel as they listen to Jesus' teachings?

3. I wonder how the crowds feel when they hear the priests and scribes trying to trick Jesus with their questions?

4. I wonder how the priests and elders feel as Jesus tells what is the most important commandment?

5. I wonder how they feel when they hear Jesus say the second most important commandment is to "love your neighbor as yourself?"

6. I wonder why it is hard for some of them to love Jesus?

7. I wonder how Jesus feels about the priests and elders?

8. I wonder how the people feel when they love God with all their hearts, with all their souls, with all their minds and with all their strength?

In Worship and Wonder on Saturday night, 9:00 am Sunday and 3's and 4's W & W at 11:00 am on Sunday, we will be studying the following:

Jesus and the Children

Verses for this lesson are Matthew 19: 13-15; Mark 10:13-16; Luke 18:15-17

Questions to wonder about with your child:

1. I wonder how the children felt on their way to see Jesus?

2. I wonder how they felt when the disciples said, "No!"

3. I wonder what Jesus said to the children?

4. I wonder what the children said to Jesus?

5. I wonder what it was like to be close to Jesus?

6. I wonder what it's like to receive the Kingdom of God like a child?

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