Friday, February 3, 2012

Feb. 4 & 5: Jesus Came to Help Us

This Weekend in MC Park, in Sunday School and Elementary Worship, your child will learn about Jesus helping others by healing and casting out demons.

Jesus Heals, Prays and Preaches

You can review the story in Mark 1:29-39. A great memory verse for your family this week is Matthew 11:28 - “Come to me, all you who are burdened, and I will give you rest”

Questions for review with your child:

1.    Have you ever tried to do something on your own without Jesus’ help?  What happened?
2.    What are the jobs of people who help you each week?
3.    What would happen if no one was willing to do these jobs and help others?
4.    Why do you think Jesus came to help us?  Explain.
5.    If you could write a “help wanted” ad asking for help in any area of your life, what would you write?
6.    If you were to write a job description for Jesus, what would you include in it?
7.    How has Jesus helped you in areas you’ve needed help?
8.    How would you like Jesus to help you this week?
9.    Why is it important to tell others about Jesus?  Who can you tell this week?
10. How can you follow Jesus’ example and help others?


A note from Ms. Betty for the 3’s Sunday School at 11 a.m.:

Ms. Betty's and Mr. Dan's 3-4 year old Sunday School class learned about generosity during January. The children heard about a boy who shared his fish and bread with Jesus which fed 5,000. The children have been asked to bring in one non-perishable canned or boxed food item each week to Sunday School as an offering. The food collected will be donated to the Eastern Area Ministries food pantry to help feed others in the community. They also heard about a poor widow who gave all she had. She offered her last two coins at the temple. This offering meant more to Jesus than offerings given by those who had more to give.  The children have been asked to bring in a few coins each week as an offering if possible. These will be donated to various church ministries.

Help your child become a generous giver.
God's Blessings from the Clifton's


In Kindergarten Worship and Wonder at 11 a.m., this week's lesson:

The Prodigal Son

Verses for this lesson: Luke 15:11-32

Questions to wonder about with your child:

1.    I wonder why the younger son wanted leave his father?
2.    I wonder how the father felt when the younger son left?
3.    I wonder how the younger son felt when he had to get a job feeding pigs?
4.    I wonder what the son was thinking when his father hugged him and welcomed him home?
5.    I wonder why the older brother wouldn’t go to the party?
6.    I wonder if the older brother ever went to the party?
7.    I wonder what the father meant when he said, “My son was lost but now he is found?


In Worship and Wonder on Saturday night, 9 a.m. Sunday, and 3s and 4s W&W at 11 a.m. on Sunday, this week’s lesson:

The Great Pearl

Verses for this lesson: Matthew 13:45-46

Questions to wonder about with your child:

1.        I wonder what could be so great that the merchant would exchange everything he had for the 
      great pearl?
2.        I wonder how this pearl could be the Great Pearl, and all the other pearls could be just pearls?
3.        I wonder what the Great Pearl could really be?
4.        I wonder how this person could ever give away the Great Pearl?
5.        I wonder which person has the most now?
6.        I wonder if you know the merchant?
7.        I wonder if the merchant has a name?
8.      I wonder if the merchant is happy where he is?
9.      I wonder if you’ve ever been close to this person?
10.   I wonder if this person has a name?
11.      I wonder where this place could really be?
112. I wonder where this whole place could really be?

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