Friday, June 1, 2012

June 2-3: Children’s Sunday School and Worship

Our Obedience Pleases God

This Weekend in MC Park, in Sunday School and Elementary Worship, your child will learn the story of Abraham’s obedience.

God Tests Abraham

You can review the story in
Genesis 22:1-18. A great memory verse for your family this week is Deuteronomy 5:32-33 – “So be careful to do what the Lord your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left.  Walk in all the way that the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess.”

Questions for review with your child:

1.    What did your “disobedient” experiences in younger years teach you about obedience?
2.    How has your idea of obedience changed as you’ve grown older?
3.    When you think of obeying God, what does that look like in your life?
4.    What new insight did you gain from looking at this story from one person’s perspective?
5.    Why do you think God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son?
6.    Why doesn’t Abraham question God’s request?
7.    What is significant about God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son, and not something else?
8.    Tell about a time you obeyed God.  How did you feel?
9.    Would God ever ask you to do something wrong?
10. How can we discern God’s voice from other voices?

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