Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec. 17 & 18: We Can Serve God

This Weekend in MC Park, in Sunday School and Elementary Worship, your child will learn about the story of Jesus’ birth.

Jesus is Born

You can review the story in Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-20. A great memory verse for your family this week is adapted from Luke 2:10b-11 – “I bring great news; Jesus is born”

Questions for review with your child:

1.    What are some ways you have seen others serve God?
2.    How is being nice to our enemies like serving God?
3.    What choices do you think Mary had when the angel spoke to her?
4.    Why might it have been hard for Mary to serve God?
5.    What choices do you have as you consider serving God?
6.    How can God help us make good choices?
7.    What two ways can you serve God this week?
8.    What things can remind you to serve God?
9.    What ways can you thank God for sending Jesus to earth for us?
10. Why do you think God wants us to serve others?
11. Why do you think God wants us to serve him?


In Worship and Wonder now through Jan. 15, every class (preschoolers on Sat. night, 3s-2nd graders at 9 a.m. Sunday; 3s, 4s and Ks at 11 a.m. Sunday) will be studying the same lesson. This week's lesson:

Christmas – Meeting the Christ Child

Verses for this lesson: Matt 1-2 and Luke 1-2

Questions to wonder about with your child:

1.    I wonder how it feels to be in Bethlehem?
2.    I wonder how many got to Bethlehem and if they saw the Christ child?
3.    I wonder how they feel about this newborn baby?
4.    I wonder how this little baby is a light to the whole world, a light no darkness can overcome?
5.    I wonder how all these people and animals feel about the baby?
6.    I wonder how Jesus feels about them?
7.    I wonder how God feels?

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