Sunday, October 23, 2011

Are you wondering what we do here?

I bet this happens to you; I know it happened to me. I'd pick up my kids from school and ask:
"What did you learn today."
"Nothin'," was the usual -- and frustrating -- reply.
We have struggled with the best way to include parents in what your children are learning on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. We've tried various forms of handouts, but we know how it is. They get left behind at church in the struggle to gather the coat and favorite toy or they end up lining the floor of your van.
So, we've decided to blog each week's lessons in hopes that the blog will help you talk with your children about what they learned in Sunday School and children's church on Saturday and Sunday each week. We'll include questions from the lessons that can help you start those conversations. We'll also include some Scripture that your family can read together. (Let your elementary children help you look those passages up, because we're working on developing those types of skills.)
We hope this blog helps you, and we look forward to your feedback.
Check back each Sunday.

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